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Breaking Your Presumptions of the IRS

As a result of his 22 years of research and then his intensive engagement with the most feared agency of the US Government, Chappy created an 18 part audio e-book that is an educational presentation featuring a simple to understand training of the IRS Tax Laws and the absolutely wrong presumptions that Citizens have developed over the years.

Please take a moment to listen to a brief overview and then take a look at the audio ebook's Table of Contents


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Dave Myrland's Criminal Complaint
to the Congress of the United States

This important Complaint reports very serious crimes that are being committed against all Citizens living in the several States by the IRS and the Department of Justice.  This Action Program has proven to be a strong procedural tactic against these agencies misconduct and misapplication of the Tax Laws.  If you are concerned about the fraudulent activities of our government, you will want to pay close attention to this presentation.

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We suggest you take some time to review Dave Myrland's complaint before you decide to participate.

  1. Click on the PDF file link to the right to open a copy of the complaint.  then minimize the window;
  2. Click the study form to the right and open; move it so that you can navigate back to the main page, then,
  3. Click on the audio file (below and right) to hear Dave's commentary as he takes you through his memorandum as it was submitted to Congress.

After you review it, if you want to become a joinder in the complaint, click the link below to join the complaint.

If you would like to become a joinder to Dave’s Myrland’s complaint, click here to leave contact information


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Breaking Your Presumptions of the IRS- An 8-hour audio ebook - outling the research of Chappy Chapman and what every American should know about the IRS.